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Bill wrote in many logging magazines, especially the Truck Logger and The Lumberman. He wrote an article a month for over twenty years, and he wrote about everything. Below you will find his views on the people, the work, the society and the times he lived in.

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Poetry, Fable and Song

Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
The British Columbia Lumberman
  June 71 Fable – The Enviro Party
  Feb 72 Of Ships and Things and Loggers
  Jan 73 The Plastic Forest - A Fable
  Apr 73 The Lovely Forest Co. - A Fable
  May 73 The Logger’s Hiring Slip
  Feb 74 Fiber Reserve # 7 – A fable
  Aug 74 Management vs. Labour - A Fable
  Dec 74 Bigger, Better and Other Fairy Tales
  June 75 Day in the Life of a Chokerman
  Aug 75 Of Mice and Loggers
  Oct 75 1st Chapter, “The Time of Molly Hogan.”
  Nov 75 Big is Beautiful
  Mar 76 Heroes of the Hemlock
  May 76 It Happens Every Spring – A Fable
  Dec 76 Christmas Gift Suggestions For Loggers
  Dec 77 A Cookhouse Christmas
  Mar 78 Hot Tubs – Blue Movies and Loggers
  July 78 Ah Summer!
  Dec 78 Christmas Gifts to a Forest Industry
  Aug 79 The Plastic Forest - (repeat)
  Nov 79 The Logger's Travel Adviser
  Apr 80 If I were King...
  May 81 How to Sell A Forest
  Sept 81 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Forestry...
  Dec 81 A Christmas Carol – Logging Camp Style
  July 82 A Trip to the Big Smoke
  Oct 82 I Knew a Logger
  Apr 84 The First Logger
  May 86 Heroes of the Hemlock – Repeat