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Bill wrote in many logging magazines, especially the Truck Logger and The Lumberman. He wrote an article a month for over twenty years, and he wrote about everything. Below you will find his views on the people, the work, the society and the times he lived in.

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Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
The British Columbia Lumberman
  Aug 71 And Then There Was Monahan
  Sept 71 On Cooks and Cookhouses
  Dec 71 Viv Williams – When All Else Fails
  Aug 72 The Bunkhouse Logger
  Dec 72 I Remember Jeppy
  Sept 73 You Got One, Sam!
  Sept 77 An All ‘Round Man
  Dec 77 A Cookhouse Christmas
  Apr 79 My Friend Oszkar
  June 79 The Dedicated
  Oct 79 The Indispensable Man
  Nov 79 The Logger's Holiday Adviser
  Sept 80 Let us Now Praise The Flunky
  Apr 81 On the Selling Neckties to Loggers
  Mar 82 Max’s Story - Part 1
  Apr 82 Max’s Story – Part 2
  Apr 83 Martin and the Small Bunkhouse
  July 84 The Road Building Logger
  June 85 The Boys Called Him Goldie!
  Nov 85 Man – Catchers
  Dec 85 The Bullcook’s Christmas
  Nov 86 Pencil Pushers I have Known
  Dec 86 A Loggers Christmas Card