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Bill wrote in many logging magazines, especially the Truck Logger and The Lumberman. He wrote an article a month for over twenty years, and he wrote about everything. Below you will find his views on the people, the work, the society and the times he lived in.

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Labour and Industry

Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Bill Moore
The Truck Logger
  Sept 65 Tomorrow’s Logger
  Dec 65a Boss Logger
  Dec 65b The Many Faces of a Logger
    The British Columbia Lumberman
  Oct 70 The Forests Around Us
  Dec 70 A Comment on the Industry
  Feb 71 Just a short 80 years from now
  Mar 71 On Monsters and Malfunctions
  Jan 72 In Spite of Ourselves
  Feb 72 Of Ships and Things and Loggers
  Mar 72 Salt Water Logger- The Boomman
  Apr 72 Wisdom of Youth
  May 72 Bargaining Table Warfare – Forever
  June 72 Is There a Tree in Your Economy
  Aug 72 The Bunkhouse Logger
  Sept 72 The Trees That Didn’t Fall Last Summer
  Mar 73 How to Sell A Forest
  Aug 73 Let’s Clean up our Saltwater Main Street
  Oct 73 Forest – Slash - And The Public
  Nov 73 Oil Spills and Booming Grounds
  Mar 74 Allowable Waste – A Philosophy
  Apr 74 Oh! To be a Small Logger
  May 74 Steam Donkeys I Have Known
  Oct 74 Getting to Know You
  Mar 75 Talking to the Trees
  May 75 Teachers of the Trees
  June 75 Day in the Life of a Chokerman
  July 75 The Lakehead and the Loggers
  Sept 75 Hiding behind Stumps
  Nov 75 Big is Beautiful
  Dec 75 Living on the Back Forty
  Jan 76 I Need a Whatnot For a Gizzmo
  Feb 76 Executive Sweet
  Apr 76 A Day in the Life of a Logging Camp Manager
  June 76 The Contractor Clause
  July 76 Is It True That They Desecrate the Forest?
  Jan 77 Lest we Forget – 1971 – 1975
  Mar 77 The Gyppo
  Apr 77 Is it True What They Say About Tourism?
  May 77 The Language of the Tree
  July 77 The Class of ‘77
  Aug 77 Death and Taxes
  Jan78 How Great in '78
  Mar 78 Hot Tubs – Blue Movies and Loggers
  Apr 78 It’s Confusing!
  June 78 You’ve Got to Know the Territory
  Aug 78 Fifty Years of Contract Logging – Part I
  Sept 78 Fifty Years of Contract Logging – Part II
  Oct 78 Fifty Years of Contract Logging – Part III
  Nov 78 Public Relations
  Feb 79 The Old Order Changeth
  May 79 About Pride
  Sept 79 Stick - in - the - Muds
  Dec 79 Christmas '79
  Jan 80 Logging Supervision
  Feb 80 Goog-bye Old Logger
  Mar 80 The Forest Centre Project
  June 80 Salt-Water Mainstreet Revisited
  July 80 Never the Twain Shall Meet
  Mar 81 Safety and the Negotiating Table
  Aug 81 The Shape of Things to Come
  Jan 82 The Declining Forest
  Feb 82 Good Times – Bad Times
  Sept 82 Who Pays!
  Jan 83 Conventions I Have Tasted
  Mar 83 Contractor Dilemma
  May 83 Interview – The Forest Center Project
  Aug 83 Goodbye Old Cookhouse
  Sept 83 Let's Expo-se the Forest Industry
  Feb 84 Super Loggers
  May 84 Grad – ‘84
  June 84 A Year of Living Dangerously
  July 84 The Road Building Logger
  Sept 84 Forestry – 2,000 AD
  Jan 85 There are These Problems
  Mar 85 To Heck With High Tech
  Aug 85 Forest Education – Now or Later
  Oct 85 The Forestry Revolution
  Feb 86 Forestry Attitudes
  Mar 86 Intensive Forestry & the Environment I
  Apr 86 Intensive Forestry & the Environment II
  Aug 86 What’s Going On!
  Oct 86 Future Forestry Shock
  Jan 87 A Dark Era